Wellington Businesses & Services

Though surrounded by farmlands and vineyards, Wellington has all the conveniences of a modern town. Supermarket chains, gyms and beauty spas, fast-food outlets and nurseries are situated alongside family grocers, fisheries and purveyors of second-hand goods. Factory shops and wholesalers are located in the industrial area on the outskirts of town. Some commercial enterprises are unique to the town and provide services that support and nurture various industries.

Redemption Leather’s fine handcrafted leather has its origins in the late 1970s and is a well-known business in the town.

Glodina Towel factory supplies businesses such as Woolworths and stock a wide range of towels including a bamboo and cotton mix and an Egyptian cotton range.

At places such as KURK, Wellington Dried Fruit and Rooshoek Farm you can fill your shopping basket with wine, dried fruit, nuts and condiments and olive oil.

Experience small town hospitality at Ou Kaya Farmstall and Nursery. They have a huge cacti and succulent nursery and you can purchase fresh produce and homemade goods.


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