Wonderous travelling options for the ladies in Wellington

Women are the glue that hold societies together and should be admired and respected.

In August our country celebrates women on Women’s Day (9 August) and in this blog we choose to put the spotlight on an increasing trend in the travelling industry, solo female travel.

Wellington offers a myriad of options for solo female travellers including safe accommodation options and a variety of experiences ranging from arts, cultural, gastronomic to outdoor options.


Breytenbach Centre

The beautiful Garden of Poets at Breytenbach Centre is a sensory feast which every lady would delight in. It is a place of rejuvenation and rest with greenery and poems and words of inspiration against the walls, on tiles and on the ground.

The Art gallery and Art Shop in the centre is beautiful curated and has regular exhibitions showcasing various artists specializing in various mediums.



Langkloof Roses Tea Room

Langkloof Roses has an intimate tea room, rose garden, and wedding venue situated at the foot of the Groenberg in Wellington. Surrounded by oak trees and a valley of roses, Langkloof is certainly a hidden gem.

The restored 1854 Manor House fitted with velvet, stained glass windows, and king Arthur chandeliers has an understated elegance. There is also a bar area, picnic sites, a rustic 1800’s Chapel, and Roman Inspired veranda.

Langkloof Rose Farm specialises in all types of roses and visitors can look forward to fragrant cut garden roses. There are over 14 000 rose plants in 15.5 hectares of vineyards, a wide variety of antique roses, cluster & fragrant big blooms, and plenty of different colours.

You can spend a day at their Tea Room amongst the blooms and enjoy a variety of cakes and bakes, from fresh tea and scones, to cheeses and preserves. The beautiful interior and floral accents everywhere is a sensory delight.



Tasting wine “responsibly” at Linton Park

Linton Park’s legacy started in 1699 as the farm De Slange Rivier. The majestic Groenberg Mountain presides over Linton Park Wine Estate, which is minutes away from our charming and rustic town.

There is a huge awareness of caring for the environment at Linton Park. They are protecting and conserving the Rhenosterveld or Rhino Field on the farm, which is critically endangered vegetation. Also within their brand hierarchy is the Rhino tier from which proceeds are donated to the protection of Rhinos. An annual donation is made towards Rhinos Without Borders with whom they have aligned themselves as a funding partner.


Their elegant Tasting Room ensures a pleasant tasting experience with a tranquil environment and beautiful lawns.

The friendly staff will carry you on their hands and you can have a bite to eat from the restaurant.



Val du Charron Spa

When you enter through the ancient Egyptian doors at Val du Charron Spa you are greeted to a quiet oasis of tranquillity overlooking the majestic Hawekwa mountains. Their fully trained therapist is available to offer advice and answer any questions you may have on any of their treatments or products.

Val Du Charron is five minutes from Wellington and also offers accommodation options and has two onsite restaurants, Piza e Vino @Val du Charron and the Grillroom.

The original farm was proclaimed in 1699 and, as only the fifth family to hold title, the owners are conscious to maintain its historic integrity and re-establish the tradition of wine making on the farm itself. This can be evidenced in the rehabilitation of the historic buildings and the character of the architecture of the Estate.