Wellington has great places to visit for you and your family!

There is a big pull towards old fashioned morals, time spent with family and re-connecting with loved ones.

Visit Wellington and let our town warm you and your loved ones hearts with great places to visit.


The family bistro Stone Kitchen at Dunstone is situated next to the guava orchards at Dunstone Estate and has both indoor and outdoor entertainment areas for kids.

The indoor area includes an indoor jungle gym, a climbing wall and Lego table.



Breytenbach Centre

The Breytenbach Centre offers a variety of activities.

The Garden of Poets, art exhibitions and book store is ideal for families to visit.

The Bordinghuis has regular shows which an older crowd can appreciate.



Val du Charron

Val du Charron offers perfect accommodation options for families and has two onsite restaurants.

Piza-e-Vino is popular with sprawling lawn next to it for children to wander on weather permitting.



Bontebok Ridge nature drive

Book a nature drive for you and your family at Bontebok Ridge and enjoy the most amazing views of the Wellington valley whilst learning about the farm’s contribution to conservation.

You will see lots of quagga, springbok, eland and of course, bontebok. The scenery of the reserve which is set against the limietberg mountain range is absolute spectacular.

There is the option to stop at the lapa overlooking the dam where a glass of wine and some yummy homemade nibbles are served.

They also have six wooden cabins for rent.



Wellington Museum

Heritage and Museums does not have to be boring!

Here are a few Heritage sites to add to your ‘’to-do’’ list when visiting Wellington.

  • Ouma Granny’s:This museum set in a Victorian house offers a priceless collection that you can experience with a guided tour by one of the Hoogenhout sisters; an old, established Wellington family.
  • Coronation Archin Victorian Park was built in remembrance of the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902. Visit the park and enjoy the rose garden that was designed by the leading rose expert, Gwyn Fagen.
  • Wellington Dutch Reformed Churchis a must see landmark in the centre of town
  • Lady Loch Steel Bridgewas the first of its kind to be built in South Africa in September 1853 and is still in use today.
  • Wellington Museum features the cultures of African ethnic groups, Stone-Age artefacts, Egyptian artefacts and various pioneers.

The best way to experience our town’s history is to stroll through the town with our Historical Route map in hand. You can get this at Wellington Visitor Information Centre