Entertainment and Events in September 2017

Spring is in the air and Wellington  is blooming away! Have a look at our great entertainment and event happenings during the month of September. You are certainly spoilt for choice!

Breytenbach Sentrum – Tuin van Digters
15-16 September 2017

Haal uit die digwoorde, gryp die digbundels en koop jou kaartjie. Dit is tyd vir die 6de Tuin van Digters.

Vanjaar se program is propvol hoogtepunte. Een daarvan is die Ingrid Jonker-prys vir Afrikaanse debuutdigbundels wat in 2015 en 2016 gepubliseer is en op Saterdag, 16 September, aan die wenner oorhandig word. Die Breytenbach Sentrum se 10de bestaansjaar word ook gevier.

Die tema vir 2017 is ‘UITDAGEND SKEPPEND’. Die aanhaling dui op beweging – in uitdaag en in skep. Dit is ook die Breytenbach Sentrum se tema vir 2017 en vorentoe en het sy oorsprong by Breyten Breytenbach se woorde tien jaar gelede op 26 Februarie 2007 met die opening van die Breytenbach Sentrum.

Vir meer inligting oor daaglikse programme besoek/For more information please visit: www.breytenbachsentrum.co.za

Tickets prices:
Two-day package: R250 per person (includes all offers on the program for 15 and 16 September)
Friday 15th September: R100 per person (includes all offers on the program In for 15 September)
Saturday 16th September: R200 per person (includes all offers on the program In for 16 September)
Student discount: R60 per person per day (with valid student card) Paid members of PEN Dutch: Free entrance
Booking and inquiries Jeanne-Mari Gerber 021 873 2786/073 435 1022 besprekings@breytenbachcentrum.co.za | www.breytenbachsentrum.co.za

Lankloof Roses
Please enquire for available dates.
Fragrant Rose Anointing Workshop would be running untill end 2017.
09:30 – 14:00

In addition to our Weddings, Functions and Conferences Langkloof Roses is now also open throughout the year for get-away retreats, interactive workshops and Farm Camps for children. Please visit www.langkloofroses.co.za for info.

Fragrant Rose Anointing Workshop:
A day well spent with a loved one. Enjoy fragrant oils, tea and treat tasting. A rose filled foot soak pampering.

For private group bookings a min. of 5 people is required.

Contact: antionette@langkloofroses.co.za
www.langkloofroses.co.za R320 p/p

Lankloof Roses
Please enquire for dates.
9:30 -12:30
Live culture Food Workshops.

Langkloof Roses is hosting a series of Workshops on Lacto Fermentation!

#1 Come and learn how to Improve your digestion
–  Kimchi/Sauerkraut Workshop –
Healthy methods to preserve food.

#2 Make your own Beneficial probiotics in a Bottle
– Kombucha Tea Class –
Restore the balance of the bacteria in your gut!!

#3 Your body needs Enzymes to absorb, digest and utilize nutrients in your food
–    Stone Milled Bread Class –

Book all 3 workshops at a special price! antionette@langkloofroses.co.za | www.langkloofroses.co.za
R380 p/p

Langkloof Roses

3 August 2017-22 December 2017

THURSDAY Mornings : 10am – noon


Art Classes Expression From Within

An informal art class… a relaxed, peaceful environment where one is creating while surrounded by natural beauty. An art class where you have the freedom to express a little of yourself onto canvas.

Whether you have been painting or drawing for years, or have had a desire to try for the first time…

Whether you are painting a gift for a friend, or painting for your lounge wall…

Whether you needing a little ‘creative ME time’, or some down time from the business of everyday life…

THIS IS AN ART CLASS where you have the freedom to paint whatever you choose, onto any size canvas, in the medium of your choice with the help and guidance of Antonia Barlett.

www.langkloofroses.co.za. R140 per class incl. coffee

Please call Antonia on 0828744807 if you have any inquiries, or email art.antoniabarlett@gmail.com to book your place.